Linux Kernel in a Single Map

Internet runs on Linux, everybody knows this fact. The Linux kernel is one of the most complex and popular open source projects. There is tons of material available online. Still, the core of the Linux kernel is a subject difficult to understand. It consists of multiple layers, modules, functionalities, calls and functions.

Today, I found a great micro website that tries to explain the whole Linux Kernel in a single image put as an interactive map. It has helped me so far greatly whenever I wanted to dig deeper on Linux core architecture.

This Linux kernel map helps greatly to understand complex interconnections between subsystems of the kernel while navigating through its source code. A very helpful resource while designing drivers and system level applications without getting irritated trying to figure out what invokes what, which calls to make and using what parameters.

This is also very helpful to understand the subsystems. On the map, there are more than 400 prominent functions and functions are divided into major subsystems. The relationships are shown by the lines and by clicking on any function, you’ll reach to its Linux source code and documentation.

Browse the entire interactive map here on MakeLinux.
Below is the image of the map for quick reference –



Pass it on and let others know too.  Thanks.


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